Oil Boiler Servicing & Maintenance


Oil Boiler Servicing & Maintenance in Derbyshire

At Mark Noton & Sons Plumbing and Heating we are aware that people in our local area, who have oil fired central heating boilers, struggle to find a company qualified and experienced. We have had years of experience with oil fired boilers and offer an excellent value for money service on your appliance. We work on all oil fired boilers and give each appliance a thorough service including :-

  • A visual inspection of the boiler and the tank to ensure the installation is safe.
  • Inspect fuel filter, fuel line and fuel connections
  • Clean Baffles and check baffle arrangement
  • Replace Nozzle and fuel hose if necessary
  • Check all components of the boiler are working to their full potential
  • Check fire valve and safety controls are fitting correctly and working
  • Perform Combustion analyses test on boiler and calibrate boiler to improve performance and efficiency
  • Check that Central heating system is working to full potential.

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