olive – Oil Tank Smart Meter

olive – your smart heating oil solution – now available from M Noton & Sons

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As an accredited olive installer we are able to help all our heating oil customers manage and understand their heating oil online AND save money on their oil purchases.

How does it work?

With an olive sensor on your tank, and modem connected to your broadband, olive gives you the power to understand and manage your heating oil usage and energy efficiency online.

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Use your pc, tablet or mobile device to access your online account where you can see  exactly how much oil you have in your tank and how you are using it.

Easy to understand information tiles and graphs ensure you can monitor and understand your oil supply and when the time comes easily & securely order oil through your account.

non automatic oil ordering

Save money with olive

olive’s smart meter technology makes buying oil at the right price, at the right time easy, grouping your purchase together with other members. Putting it simply – they buy more, so the cost is less for you.

New – automatic ordering with direct debit.

Oil ordering line

With olive’s automatic ordering and direct debit payment service you really can forget about managing your heating oil.

Their smart technology allows you to choose an automatic reorder when your tank reaches a set level. Once this is enabled they’ll email you to confirm an order is being placed, the supplier will deliver your oil and payment will be collected via direct debit.

Available for install today – why not contact us on how olive can help you save money and never run out of oil.